What are Cycles?

Cycles can be found everywhere in nature. Our planet rotates around the Sun, which rotates around the Milky Way, day turns into night, living creature born and die, trees grow leaf’s in spring and drop them in autumn. Even time itself is said to be cyclical by some scientist. I’m not in the reincarnation camp, […]

Smart Money Enters As Dumb Money Exits

Smart Money Enters As Dumb Money Exits If you follow the action in gold and silver closely, you’re about to learn something pretty soon. Banks are mostly option writers and so when retail traders see golden skies ahead and buy long call options for gold, the banks take the opposite side of the trade. If you […]

Weekly Report June 24, 2018

Weekly Report June 24 For new readers of the blog, I recommend reading the terminology page before the weekly reports. Gold From the last weeks Weekly Report: What we want to see in the next two weeks is a failed daily cycle in the miners, extreme pessimism across the board in precious metals, a 3-8 day bloodbath […]


Bloodbath We are in the middle of a bloodbath phase for gold which I noted in the last weekly report. Bloodbath phases tend to run between 3-8 days and we are currently on day 5 and so a daily swing at this point would be the first thing to look for.     As of […]

What is Sentiment?

Sentiment is the measure of bulls and bear on the market. Sentiment can be measured on different timeframes from few days to multiple years. When prices increase, people tend to become more bullish and when markets decline, people tend to turn bearish. This is because of their recency bias which means that people tend to […]