Weekly Report June 16, 2018

Weekly Report June 16 For new readers of the blog, I recommend reading the terminology page before the weekly reports. Gold As I mentioned in the previous Weekly Report, the precious metals sector is one of the most manipulated sectors there is. We saw a prime example of this on Friday. First the banksters manufactured a fake breakout on […]

Euro HCL still in play

Euro HCL still in play I’ll do some quick market updates from time to time when I have some thoughts I want to say out loud. As I mentioned in the last Weekend report I’m expecting a HCL from the euro on the FOMC meeting. Monday we had a small rally and the HCL scenario was […]

Weekly report June 10, 2018

Weekly report June 10 For new readers of the blog, I recommend reading the terminology page before the weekly reports. Currencies I’ll start off with the currencies. The euro has formed a weekly swing low which is a strong indication of a larger degree bottom. I tend to think that the euro is about to […]

What is Smart Money?

Smart money consists of the successful hedge funds and big banks that are right about the market directions time after time. Smart money plays with big volume and can in some cases force the market into one direction or another. Smart money is the opposite of dumb money which consists mostly of retail traders and […]