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At SKAL, we blend in-depth expertise with custom solutions to empower your business. Led by Sam Laakso, a seasoned expert in financial markets and operational efficiency, we offer specialized consultation services designed to elevate your business.

Event speaker

Invite Sam for engaging talks on finance, strategy, and metals at your events; he'll inform and motivate with tailored insights.


Enhance your business with Sam's expertise in strategy, KPIs, financial instruments, risk management, Excel, and more for growth and efficiency.


Build custom tools, automate tasks, and test ideas for business efficiency and growth with expert guidance.

Sam Laakso

Sam Laakso is a proud Finn, passionate about business development, markets, and gold. Sam’s extensive knowledge of financial markets, economics, and gold stems from both profound academic research and first-hand working experience. He also has considerable experience in decision-making, business development, strategy implementation, and operational efficiency in business.

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EUR Revenue Created

Sam has a proven track record of creating value for businesses. So far, Sam has created more than 50 million euros worth of revenue to his clients.

Sam has over 12 years of experience in the financial markets and has gained deep knowledge about financial instruments and derivatives. This knowledge can be applied to a wide range of industries e.g. for developing hedging strategies to improve or fix margins. 

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Year of experience
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Hours of business development

With more than ten thousand hours of business development experience on his belt, Sam is able to grasp new ideas quickly and turn them into executable plans and true value for the business. 

Proven value

Sam has created tens of million worth of added value to clients.

Free Consultation

First consultation is always free so you have nothing to lose. 

Wide knowledge

Sam has experience all the way from farming to finance to metallurgy and everything in between. 

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