At SKAL, we blend in-depth expertise with custom solutions to empower your business. Led by Sam Laakso, a seasoned expert in financial markets and operational efficiency, we offer specialized consultation services designed to elevate your business.

Key Expertise

Strategic Business Development: Uncover innovative strategies for business growth and development, guided by Sam’s extensive experience in driving operational success.

Financial Markets and Risk Management: Navigate the complexities of financial markets with expert advice on risk management, trading strategies, and market analysis.

Excel and Automation Solutions: Transform your business processes with custom Excel solutions. From inventory management to financial analysis, discover how to automate and optimize with Sam’s guidance.

Guest Speaking and Event Appearances

Invite Sam to engage and inspire your audience at your next event. With his extensive experience in public appearances, financial markets, precious metals, and business strategy, Sam offers captivating and insightful presentations tailored to your event’s theme. Whether for keynotes, workshops, or panel discussions, Sam’s expertise will add significant value and depth to your event, leaving your audience informed and motivated.

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      • Operational Efficiency and Business Strategy: Streamline your operations and elevate business strategy with Sam’s expertise, driving efficiency and growth.

      • KPI Metrics and Implementation: Identify and implement Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relevant to your business, guiding you towards measurable success.

      • Derivatives and Financial Instruments: Learn more about the use of derivatives and financial instruments in business and investing with Sam, gaining insights to enhance your business and investment strategies.

      • Financial Risk Management: Understand and develop strategies to navigate financial market risks in currencies, commodities, credit, and much more.

      • Hedging and Risk Management: Learn to hedge efficiently in the financial markets, lock your margins, and improve your business’ financial predictability.

      • Market Analysis: Gain a competitive edge with comprehensive market analysis tailored to your business needs.

      • Advanced Excel for Business and Finance: Elevate your financial analysis, business reporting and daily operations with Sam’s advanced Excel training, tailored for business efficiency.

      • Business Development and IT projects: Learn how to better execute business development and IT project so that you get the best value for the money you spend. You can also ask Sam to lead your next software project as the project manager to ensure success and efficiency.

      • Lecturing and Presentation Skills: Enhance your public speaking and presentation prowess, drawing from Sam’s extensive experience in lecturing and corporate presentations or ask for Sam to perform at an event of your choice.

      • Effective Business and Financial Writing: Sharpen your business and financial writing skills, leveraging Sam’s expertise for impactful communication and content creation.

      • Precious Metals Industry Insight: Deepen your knowledge on precious metals markets, supply chains, processing, products, and market participants.

      • Financial Services and Brokerage Insights: Deepen your understanding of financial services and brokerage, learning from Sam’s extensive experience working with asset managers, brokers and trading platforms.

    Connect with Sam at or +358 50 309 5277.

    How do we work?

        1. Free consultation: Reach out to Sam for a free initial consultation. This is your opportunity to discuss your business needs and challenges, and explore how Sam’s expertise aligns with your goals.

        1. Assessment and Proposal: If there are areas where Sam can provide substantial value, we will jointly identify the specific areas of focus. Sam will then propose a tailored project or additional consultation hours based on your unique requirements.

        1. Execution: Depending on your needs, Sam will either execute a specific project or provide consultation hours at times that suit you. This step is highly adaptable, ensuring that you receive the right level of support and expertise, whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing advisory services.

        1. Delivery and Reporting: At the end of the engagement, Sam will provide a final report summarizing the outcomes, insights gained, and recommendations for future strategies or actions.

        1. Follow-Up and Support: Sam remains available for follow-up questions or additional support post-engagement, ensuring you have the guidance needed to implement the strategies discussed.

      Ready to transform your business?

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      Phone: +358 50 309 5277.

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      Learn to excel in Excel?

      Build custom tools for your needs — Did you know that you can build things like an inventory management system with user access level controls or an automated email marketing tool with Excel? Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool which people tend to misunderstand as it’s actually much more than just a spreadsheet tool and you can learn to master your Excel with the help of Sam.

      Increase efficiency — How many hours do people in your organization spend using Excel? Most often work with Excel can be highly automated leading to cost savings in time spent on tasks. Chances are that you could be spending a lot less time with Excel and much more time with your actual business.

      Test your business ideas — Have you ever had a business or a product idea but have not executed because it would require tools or processes which your current systems do not support? Building the first tool in Excel is often a lot faster and cheaper compared to building custom IT systems and tools with external IT development teams. The sky is the limit when it comes to simple yet effective tools you can build with Excel to support your business processes, growth, and expansion.

      Leverage Sam’s expertise with Excel and Google Sheets

      In the past, Sam has built tools on Excel and Google Sheets for inventory management, live trading exposure management, dynamic price quotation, CRMs, customer discount monitoring, data transformation between systems, newsletter automation, and much more. Some of the tools he’s built are still in use by organisations with tens of millions of euros in annual revenue. Sam’s Excels have processed tens of millions worth of value and millions of rows of data. For an example, the analysis process and statistical analysis used to determine the precious metals content of recycling gold and silver batches by Voima Miners was for years based on an Excel tool built by Sam. The Excel processed hundreds of batches with more than ten million euros in value and was later developped into a custom ERP system designed by Sam.

      You can reach out to Sam for training in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and even ask for a quote for building custom tools for you to make your business more efficient. You can also ask about updating your existing Excel spreadsheets to better serve you.

      Reach out to Sam at or +358 50 309 5277.

      Knowledge is power—leverage Sam’s network

      Sam Laakso has amassed a wide range of contacts throughout his career and so if Sam can’t help you someone in his network might be able to help. Reach out to Sam to see if he can help direct you to the right people.

      Industries to which Sam can direct you include:

          • Precious metals

          • Valuables logistics

          • Trading and risk management solutions

          • Cyber security & IT solutions

          • Corporate finance

          • Product design and branding

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