Daily Report July 31, 2018

Daily Report July 31 Just a quick update for commodities and currencies. Now that it looks like Trump is going to step away from the EU tariffs, there should be no reason for the ECB to keep pinning down on Euro which it has been doing since early June. As a result of this, the […]


Bloodbath We are in the middle of a bloodbath phase for gold which I noted in the last weekly report. Bloodbath phases tend to run between 3-8 days and we are currently on day 5 and so a daily swing at this point would be the first thing to look for.     As of […]

Euro HCL still in play

Euro HCL still in play I’ll do some quick market updates from time to time when I have some thoughts I want to say out loud. As I mentioned in the last Weekend report I’m expecting a HCL from the euro on the FOMC meeting. Monday we had a small rally and the HCL scenario was […]