The Rubber Band Theory

The Rubber Band Theory There are two main forces driving the markets: Cycles and Sentiment. These forces are the foundation of the market action and are the root of the rubber band theory. Think of a stretched rubber band. It is loaded with force which urges to release and upon release the rubber band gets […]

The train is leaving the station

The train is leaving the station If you are unable to buy when all the negative bells are ringing in your head, you’ll have a hard time trying to make money in this business. Now we have the first positive signs at hand and so the question remains, will you be able to buy? I’ve […]

Weekly Report July 1, 2018

Weekly Report July 1 For new readers of the blog, I recommend reading the terminology page before the weekly reports. Gold As I’ve been saying for weeks now, the best opportunity on the market at the moment lies in the precious metals sector. We saw a big up day in the miners on Friday and as the […]