At SKAL, we blend in-depth expertise with custom solutions to empower your business. Led by Sam Laakso, a seasoned expert in financial markets and operational efficiency, we offer specialized consultation services designed to elevate your business.

Sam Laakso

Sam Laakso is a proud Finn, passionate about business development, markets, and gold. He has been interviewed by both local and international news agencies and is a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows focusing on investing and precious metals. Sam’s extensive knowledge of financial markets, economics, and gold stems from both profound academic research and first-hand working experience. He also has considerable experience in decision-making, business development, strategy implementation, and operational efficiency in business.

The Thesis

In addition to work, Sam has a Finance and Economics Degree from a Finnish University. His extensive thesis titled ‘The Future of Gold from 2019 to 2039’ has received lots of international interest due to its wide perspective and the vast variety of experts interviewed.

You can find more about Sam’s thesis, including a download link, here.


For interviews, business or mentoring you can contact Sam via email or call him directly via phone +358 50 309 5277. You can also reach out to Sam through any social media channels including LinkedIn and X.