What is SKAL Capital?

SKAL Capital started out as a free investing and trading blog where Sam Laakso posts his trading views and ideas for the general public to read. Markets covered in the blog include foreign exchange markets, precious metals, stocks and commodities. The blog rotates around the idea that markets are driven by human emotions which can be tracked via sentiment readings and cycle counts. For further information about this, you can visit the philosophy of cycles trading page. The objective of the blog is to give traders, investors and other market operators insight on how cycles trading works and for what reasons. This free blog element of SKAL Capital remains to this day but the name has gained more aspects behind it.

Nowadays SKAL Capital Limited is a registered company in Hong Kong which core business is trading the same markets discussed in the blog. As the CEO and head trader of SKAL Capital Sam utilizes various trading strategies and works with numerous trading instruments to gain an edge on the markets. Lately Sam has been focusing on options trading, applying multi-layer and complex options strategies to various markets such as stocks, oil and silver. Later this year SKAL Capital will add a proprietary trading segment to its business managing subsidiaries utilized as investment vehicles.

You can follow Sam via his Twitter account and to receive instant notifications on new posts you can follow the blogs own Twitter page where new posts will be automatically uploaded.